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What is a Siren?


Siren [sahy-ruhn] noun


In Greek mythology, Sirens were seductress creatures whose melodic songs lured sailors and their ships to a watery death on the rocky coasts of the islands they inhabited.

Who are we?


We are the Tacoma Sirens Women's Rugby Football Club. Founded in the February of 2010 by rugby veteran Meg deGravelles, the club is the only women's team in the greater Tacoma area and draws women from all walks of life, ages and levels of fitness. The Sirens play in the women's club Division II of the Pacific Northwest Rugby Football Union. This highly competitive division includes teams from Washington, Idaho and Oregon, including Bend RFC, Eugene RFC, Budd Bay RFC, Boise RFC, and Portland RFC. Our club also plays friendly matches with such Division I clubs as Emerald City Mudhens and the Seattle Breakers, and with college teams like the Western Washington Flames. The Sirens field sides for both fall and spring 15s, as well as summer 7s. 


Equipment needed


One of the advantages to playing rugby is that all you need to start up is a water bottle, mouth guard, and cleats!

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