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Rugby is often described as a combination of soccer and football. That is not the best or most accurate description of the sport. Yes there are some similarities, as there are with any physical team sport, however it is truly a game unlike any other.


Rugby is a a full contact team sport that involves a great deal of strength, speed, endurance, and strategy. In the standard and most common form of the game there are 15 players on each side (the game may also be played with 7 per side). The goal of the match is to move the ball into the opponents "try zone." This is done primarily through passing the ball backwards, all the while gaining forward movement. This can also be achieved by kicking the ball. To score points, one player must touch the ball to the ground inside the "try zone" (5 points) or kick the ball through the uprights (2 points). During game play, the opposing team may attempt to gain possession of the ball by tackling the player with the ball. From there usually a contest for possession ("Ruck") is formed. Each side battles to gain or regain possession. If there is any type of infraction made, the referee ("Sir") will call for another form of contest ("Scrum") to decide possession of the ball. The game in played for two 40 minute halves, totalling 80 minutes of fun and hard work.


After the game, the home team typically hosts a get together ("Social"). This is a time to share a drink, a snack, and some laughs with both your teammates and the competition. Rugby is known for having songs that anyone that joins the rugby community will know and sing along with at these "Socials". There is no better feeling than sharing a beer with person that just gave their blood, sweat and tears with you just moments before.


Whether you are from the Pacific Northwest, the East Coast, or even another country, you will find a family and a whole lot of fun in the sport of Rugby!

Tacoma Sirens Rugby teammates
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