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The Tacoma Sirens WRFC wishes to thank the following businesses and individuals for their support of the club!

Our team provides a HUGE opportunity for local (or wider) businesses. Rugby is the fastest growing sport in the country (82.something% growth in the last 3 years! -I can give u the exact # for ur mockup), and caters to both middle to upper class x with education of x, as well as ...traditional cultures of... (Need a PC way to say LARGE and devoted base of Islanders in  PNW.)

Def mention the inclusion of rugby in 2016 Olympics. And it's now televised and has an EXPLODING fan base. 

And (maybe) mention the burgeoning trend of co-ed youth rugby, with players as young as 6!

And def mention that the population of WOMEN that are a.) part of team and b.) faithful fans/supporters  (this could be a niche we use as we solicit. Are there any businesses that cater primarily to women? To strong, athletic women-even better-?)

Mention that we are a part of the larger TRC. Which includes 5 (?) teams ... (We'll need to list them somewhere) and boasts x# members- men, women, and youth, with a wide range of age, incomes, and education levels. 

Sponsors- get on this train while you can! Wouldn't you want to associate your company/business with ...(the values our club and our sport represents) ? [Strength. Excellence. Bravery. Family. Determination. Etc.] Because now's your chance. ...

Levels of Sponsorhip


Captain Main Sponsor $2500 

Included their logo on our jerseys (or kit bags) and practice shirts that each player gets with club membership, sponsor's banner (they provide) posted at every game, logo and business summary on website. Etc. Yearly hoodie


First Mate - displayed on kit bags/annual hoodie


All levels get logos or name on practice jersey


Deck Hand  $250



Quarter Master


Sailing Master/First Mate

Master Gunner


Able Bodied Sailor (ABS)


Cabin Boy

Powder Monkey

Swab or Swabbie

And in the marketing (which we have to NAIL), we say that the jerseys (or kit bags) travel not only broadly across the state of WA, but also x # of cities in the states of OR, ID, MT. They are exposed to x # of people over the course of (typical jersey lifespan) 2 years (crunch some vague #s, estimate high :). Team members (25-30 women in careers as varied as...) wear their shirts/hoodies/whatever with pride all over Tacoma and surrounding areas. Your banner would be displayed prominently at home games, as well as away matches, where it would serve to mark the area on the pitch where The Sirens meet, congregate (?), and kit up. Matches are generally attended by x # of people ( who are- demographic- active, middle to upper income, educated, etc) so ur banner would be seen and blah blah


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